Web Summit 2021

Web Summit is one of the biggest technology conferences to take place globally. The annual summit takes place in Lisbon, and this year the arena was filled with almost 50,000 people and companies defining the tech industry. Web Summit has been described as “the world’s premier tech conference” and a “grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priest” by leading media houses and magazines.

From fortune 500 companies to early startups, everyone joins Web Summit to discuss the future of technology. Topics range from internet technology to venture capitalism. Speakers include successful entrepreneurs, CEOS, celebrities, politicians, and tech gurus such as Elon Musk and even the great Stephen Hawking. BigBox had the opportunity to be a part of Web Summit, 2021, Lisbon.

Web Summit 2021

Learn more about the annual web summit on their website. Here is the link: https://websummit.com/

A milestone for bigbox

Web Summit 2021

To be amongst the top global brands from all over the world was indeed one of our most significant achievements as a young startup. Our founder, the innovative Santosh Palavesh, represented BigBox among 4500+ tech startups and has caught the attention of world leaders and tech experts. BigBox was appreciated for its retail insights and tech-based solutions that will revolutionize how we shop, sell, and consume retail.

Sellers bigbox

What is BigBox?

BigBox enables you to video shop from your favorite stores and brands from the comfort of your home. Shoppers can browse from over 40+ categories and directly interact with retailers of their choice. It is like shopping in real-time via video chat. BigBox has been created for the Indian retail industry which the COVID19 pandemic has severely impacted. eCommerce has proven to be a complicated and expensive process for the average retailer, and many have failed to penetrate the online marketplace.

With BigBox, sellers can easily set up their virtual store and engage with consumers in real-time. Video commerce offers a higher conversion rate than traditional eCommerce solutions. There is no need for an expensive website, professionally made catalogs when you can directly present your products to your customers via video. The future of Retail is here and it is called BigBox! Visit the website for more information: https://bigbox.online/blog/what-is-bigbox/


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