eCommerce vs vCommerce

Why the Indian retail industry is failing at eCommerce and why they need a better solution.

Ecommerce Business Failure Rate at 90% after 120 Days 

The COVID19 global pandemic has changed the way we live. Today, we are doing everything online, shopping, studying, working; some are even celebrating their weddings on zoom! 50% of Indians will prefer to shop online by the year 2026. But the Indian retail industry has been at war with the eCommerce market for years.

High website costs, low conversion rates, and a lack of social media skills have deterred the average Indian retailer from getting too excited about an eCommerce business. 

Why Indian Retailers are failing at eCommerce

  • High website building and maintenance costs
  • Difficult to crack the social media game
  • Low conversion rates
  • High returns and refunds
  • Tough and overcrowded marketplace ruled by two eCommerce giants
  • Complex algorithm
  • Unwilling consumers

There are a billion mobile devices in the country today, which means most of the Indian population has a way to shop online. With rapid digitization and better internet connectivity, it won’t be long before more than 50% of the population is shopping online.

The essence of the Indian retailer is the inherent selling skills and warm customer service. vCommerce can be the perfect solution for a reluctant retailer who has yet to see success online. 

vCommerce for the Indian Retail market

  • SAAS platform offers accessible monthly subscriptions
  • No complex algorithms
  • No need for a laptop or hardware
  • Sell face-to-face through video calls
  • Connect with genuine buyers
  • Hyperlocal marketplace increases visibility
  • Grow your customer base and loyalty
  • Flexible and easy to design catalogs

Consumers today have no patience because there is so much content online. If you want to attract a huge audience to your website, it should be smooth running, well-designed but not too complex, engaging, and interactive. This means a lot of time and money spent on results that are less than underwhelming. 

vCommerce is cost-effective, entertaining, and allows you to deliver an in-store experience to your audience. BigBox is one of the pioneers of video selling in India and will soon become the biggest vCommerce marketplace with their SAAS model that starts at a mere $30. 


BigBox is an easy-to-use hyperlocal video shopping platform that enables sellers to go and sell online in the most effortless manner possible.


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