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Video Shopping is the future for Indian retail

A hyperlocal video shopping platform that will change the Indian retail market

Bigbox – Video shop your favorite stores. anytime. anywhere. 

The pandemic severely impacted the Indian retail industry when the government announced a nationwide lockdown that kept 1 billion people indoors. eCommerce has always been a struggle for the average Indian retailer who cannot spend thousands and lakhs of rupees building and maintaining a website, ad spending, and marketing gimmicks. 

Amazon and Flipkart together account for almost 80% of the eCommerce market in India, which means only a 20% market share of our local vendors and retailers. BigBox is a vCommerce platform that will empower the local Indian retailer. 

vCommerce the future for Indian retail

94 percent of Indians shopped offline even during the COVID19 pandemic due to low connectivity and slow e-commerce penetration throughout the country.’ 

The current eCommerce solutions available to the average Indian Retailer are complex, expensive, and time-consuming. Almost 90% of eCommerce businesses fail to make it past the first year. Some of the challenges faced by Indian retailers in the online retail world include:

  • High website costs
  • Low conversion rates
  • Competition by eCommerce giants
  • Lack of trust by consumers 
  • Complex algorithms on most eCommerce platforms

BigBox will allow Indian retailers to penetrate the online marketplace without the hassles of traditional eCommerce platforms. Sellers can download the app, set up their virtual store, start selling through video chat and engage their customers with an in-store experience ensuring consumer loyalty and higher conversion rates (40% and higher). 


BigBox will empower the average Indian retailer.

Bigbox benefits for the Indian retailer 

  • Sell through video chat easily and quickly
  • Win over customers with a personalized shopping experience
  • No need for websites or eCommerce stores
  • Easy to design catalogs
  • Connect with genuine buyers
  • Build virtual branches anywhere
  • Doorstep delivery system
  • Become a part of a growing community.


BigBox has revolutionized the shopping experience by enabling customers to shop from the comfort of their homes’ Forbes India. 

Imagine a technology that enables users to shop virtually from any store in the world through a video call, experiencing the product live and without compromising the shopping experience!

That is BigBox. 


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