Why you need to switch from eCommerce to Vcommerce

Video commerce

Video Commerce an overview

Videos can transfer information to your customer quickly and effectively. Consumers love the details and entertainment that high-quality videos provide. Brands have been spending millions on TV ads for decades now. So many famous jingles must still be stuck in your head! That is the power of video, a lasting impact.

Today, platforms like BigBox allow retailers to connect with their customers through real-time video calls. Integrated video shopping enhances the customer’s shopping experience and gives more value to your brand.

Why consider video selling for your online business?

video selling app
  • Better than reading! Consumers have a better response to video than to written ads or a single picture. They can get more details about your product and get that information rather quickly. A high-quality video will have your customer hooked. Think about the popularity of TikTok or Instagram reels.
  • Higher conversion rates. Everyone enjoys a good motion picture. With high-quality videos representing your products and services, you will get a higher conversion rate and more clicks on your website.
  • Better Google rankings. Just like your customer, Google too loves videos. So your website has a higher chance of showing up in search results if you have videos on it.
  • Easy to make. Most smartphones offer an excellent quality camera which means you can make some fun videos on your own without burning a hole in your spending budget.
  • Build a community. People love to share videos on their social networks, so you will have a widespread online presence if you can make something look fun and exciting.

Live-video shopping on the BigBox app

With an integrated video calling feature on the BigBox app, sellers can interact with their customers in real-time. You may directly ask your customers what they would like to see, which means a higher conversion rate and a better shopping experience for your clients.

Video shopping for retailers

Bigbox is a hyperlocal video shopping app, connecting customers to their favorite stores through video calls.Think of it like a Swiggy for retailers!


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